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Non-Dilutive Funding driven by Business Incentive Office (BIO) by OCYONBIO

Introduction to Business Incentive Optimization by OCYONBIO Business Incentive Optimization office was created to help companies establish their business in Puerto Rico. This office was [...]

OCYONBIO cGMP space and Viral Manufacturing Capabilities Ready to Go !

Happy New Year to our OCYONBIO team, THANK YOU for the extra ordinary 2021. In 2022, our goal is enabling our partnership development organization campus [...]

Donor Derived Supply Clift Risk(s)- Gene and Cell Therapy Companies

As of this writing there are more than 40 companies using donor-derived cells to manufacture their intended version of cell-based therapies. Further a review of [...]

Partnership Development Management Organization(PDMO) – CDMO alternative for Gene and Cell Therapy, Virus and Biologics Mfg.

PDMO – Partnership Development Management Organization The following is simplistic introduction to a CDMO alternative. This new PDMO concept is to enable the same capability [...]

Solutions for the Challenges of Maintaining Viral Vector Stability & Quality through Process Development

Viral vectors, which acts as containers of a cell’s modified genetic material, were first used in research to transfer or alter genetic material in cells. [...]

Revolutionize Your Biotech Process Development Operations with OcyonBio’s Expertise

OcyonBio is a leading provider of cell and gene therapy manufacturing services. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the biotech industry, and [...]

The Future of Cell Therapy: Trends to Watch in 2023

At OcyonBio, we are thrilled to see that patients with rare diseases have a brighter outlook than ever before. The advancements in cell therapy have [...]

Ocyon Eleven: Revolutionizing Biologics in Puerto Rico

Welcome to the vibrant world of Ocyon Eleven, a biologics company making waves in Puerto Rico. With its cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art facilities, Ocyon Eleven […]

Thriving Through Adversity: Living in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria

Living in Puerto Rico offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warmth that has attracted countless visitors and expats over the years. […]