OCYONBIO to Showcase Cutting-Edge Capabilities at BIO International Conference in San Diego

OCYONBIO, a leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, is gearing up to make a significant impact at the upcoming Bio International Conference, scheduled for June 3 through June 6 in San Diego. This event, renowned for gathering the world’s most influential biotech and pharma leaders, will serve as the perfect platform for OCYONBIO to present its latest advancements and expansions in sterile injectable capacity.

Amidst the pressing global need for increased sterile injectable manufacturing capabilities, OCYONBIO’s initiative to bring online 10 million units of vials, 30 million units of syringes, and 40 million units in cartridge capacity stands out as a beacon of innovation and responsiveness to market demands. Situated in Puerto Rico, a hub of bioscience excellence for over 65 years, OCYONBIO is perfectly positioned to leverage the island’s rich ecosystem for biosciences, including an impressive talent pool nurtured by Puerto Rico’s rigorous STEM-oriented education system.

At the Bio International Conference, OCYONBIO’s booth will feature in-depth insights into the new capabilities and equipment being installed to support clinical and commercial-scale injectables. This expansion is not just a testament to OCYONBIO’s commitment to addressing industry bottlenecks but also highlights the company’s role in ensuring the availability of essential medications to healthcare providers and patients globally.

Puerto Rico’s educational institutions, particularly the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, ranked among the top 20 universities in the USA, play a critical role in sustaining the talent pipeline that companies like OCYONBIO rely on for innovation and excellence. The island’s compelling tax incentives, designed to foster growth in the biosciences sector, further enhance OCYONBIO’s strategic advantage.

The Bio International Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders across the biotech and pharma landscapes to discover OCYONBIO’s advancements. Attendees will get a firsthand look at the state-of-the-art capabilities OCYONBIO is bringing online, set against the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s vibrant bioscience sector, supported by a robust network of government offices, industry associations, and a resilient infrastructure capable of meeting the demands of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As OCYONBIO prepares to showcase its expansions and new capabilities at the Bio International Conference, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers eagerly anticipate the opportunities this will unlock in the production of sterile injectables. OCYONBIO’s presence at the conference underscores its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and collaboration in advancing healthcare solutions on a global scale