About Us

Company Overview

OcyonBio provides dedicated autonomous manufacturing capacity with interconnected infrastructure and systems to support phased appropriate development for early development, pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial start. We behave more like a cGMP incubator space with all regulatory, systems capabilities, and resources to enable CMC data to support regulatory applications. Manufacturing and development spaces are designed to be autonomous while being interconnected to systems required to support clinical and commercial requirements.

OcyonBio provides a company with its own space, so there is no need to build an expensive facility. Providing flexibility to protect IP, manage schedules, resources, and new product introduction reducing overall cost and risks.

Disruptive Model

Accelerate from early clinical to commercial by providing facility, people and systems.

Cell Therapies

OcyonBio is a partnership development and manufacturing organization focused on advancing gene and cell therapies.

Own your facility

Enables facility ownership which allows for greater control over the process.

Shared Infrastructure

R+D suites, cell and gene therapy suites, virus and cell processing capabilities.


Two buildings with over 150,000 square feet of space, cell processing capabilities in Q1, 2022, viral production capability in Q2, 2022.

Experienced Scientific and Commercial Leadership

Robert Salcedo

CO-Founder & CEO
Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang

CO-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Our Management Team

Ricardo Zayas

COO and Operational Lead

Kevin Colón

Senior Services Manager

Natalia Zayas Godoy

Legal Counsel

William Rodríguez

Senior Project Manager

Janitza Arizmendi

VP of HR and Scientific Support Group

Gabriel Gracia Maldonado

Operations Manager

José (West) Pagán

Executive Director – IT & Automation

Carlos Berlingeri, MBA

VP of Supply Chain Management

Barbara Araneo, PhD, RAC

Senior Director Quality Systems

Alexandra Ortiz Rosa, MS

Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Unit

Saddy Rivera

Sr. Manager, Microbiology Laboratory