Non-Dilutive Funding driven by Business Incentive Office (BIO) by OCYONBIO

Introduction to Business Incentive Optimization by OCYONBIO

Business Incentive Optimization office was created to help companies establish their business in Puerto Rico. This office was built to provide concierge-like services from initiating your company registration, opening bank accounts, and supporting your team on maximizing the benefits that come from your decision to become an OCYONBIO client.

BIO team brings their capabilities to enable access to non-dilutive monies that can be utilized reduce your cost of your therapeutic programs. The combination of R & D tax credits, grants and localization driven incentives provides tools for OCYONBIO clients to expand their monies. Our team has applied their financial expertise which has reduce R& D, Development, Pre-clinical and Clinical programs cost by more than 40%.

OCYONBIO Leverages Location to Benefit Clients

As your partner and owner of a start-up we understand the need for optimization of your financial resources. Financial consideration for locating your company is super important. Contemporaneously other important items to consider is availability of talent, global regulatory reputation, business continuity, adjacency to world class university.

Our BIO team partners with you to use multiple ways to help you maximize incentives offered in Puerto Rico.

The BIO team will utilize multiple levers to help you expand your money and establish your company in Puerto Rico. The following is quick summary of some of the advantages with working with OCYONBIO team. You company can:

(1) Leverage Puerto Rico R & D tax credits to obtain up 50% in annual cash refund of monies spent.

  • The refund is based on your annual spend and not tied to profit.
  • Credits are saleable for about 95% of face value

(2) Reduce 20% off-Island spend by leveraging your presence in Puerto Rico

  • Up to 20% of your annual spend out of Puerto Rico can be also counted in R & D calculations

(3) Lessen pre-clinical and clinical cost

  • Pre-clinical and clinical spend outside Puerto Rico can also be amalgamated

(4) Take Advantage of the number 6th STEM university in the world

  • University Mayaguez located 15 miles is ranked top 20% of all University in USA
  • 55% Female: 45% Male

(5) Utilize Global Biotechnology hub

  • Puerto Rico produced top 10 drugs in the world
  • Highest concentration of biologics scientist in the world
  • Home to Amgen, AbbVie, and Bristol Myers.

(6) Capitalize Emerging Gene and Cell Therapy Hub

  • Immediate cGMP manufacturing capacity
  • Talent on board to transfer your process

(7) Capitalize on USA Quality

  • Large workforce trained on cGMPs
  • Top 10 Biologics produced in Puerto Rico

Ocyonbio is in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. It has over 200,000 sqft of cGMP space and over 50 employees with expertise in cGMP, Biologics, Viral vector manufacturing, Regulatory and Cell and Gene Therapy. Our BIO team can provide more details and examples of companies that we have supported on landing in Puerto Rico and obtaining significant non-dilutive funds.