C.P.H.I. India – Why OcyonBio and Puerto Rico?

On the week of November 27th, OcyonBio and Invest Puerto Rico were both present at the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI) to explain the benefits of pharmaceutical companies working in Puerto Rico. OcyonBio hopes to accelerate this movement by providing the cGMP space and services required with our PDMO model.

OcyonBio’s mission is to provide affordable medicine for everyone. We want to transform the future, and we do this by providing cGMP spaces that can be customized to meet different company’s process requirements and special needs. Our PDMO model allows advancing pharmaceutical product with our portfolio capabilities and unique support, allowing us to develop and manufacture cutting-edge biopharmaceutical products such as biosimilars, cell and gene therapies, and viral vectors. Our biosimilars are designed to provide high-quality and affordable alternatives to existing biologic drugs, while our cell and gene therapies aim to deliver transformative and curative outcomes for patients with rare and life-threatening diseases. Our viral vectors are essential components for delivering gene and cell therapies, and we have the capability to produce various types of vectors, such as AAV, retrovirus, and lentivirus.

OcyonBio not only strives to be a biotechnology company, but also a social enterprise that contributes to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico. We aim to employ over 400 highly skilled professionals, mostly Puerto Ricans, and invest in their training and education. We also support local suppliers and vendors, and we collaborate with academic and research institutions to foster innovation and talent. Moreover, we participate in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as environmental protection, health education, and community outreach.

OcyonBio hopes to be the place that helps companies like yours be introduced into Puerto Rico to make the most of Puerto Rico’s history in the pharmaceutical industry with its talented workforce, proximity to the United States, and lucrative incentives.