OcyonBio’s Campus Expansion on Puerto Rico

As OcyonBio develops itself to help Puerto Rico become an innovative pharma hub for the United States, we plan to significantly expand the facility space to accommodate the new talent and capabilities we are bringing to Puerto Rico. This expansion will see the campus grow to eight state-of-the-art buildings, further solidifying OcyonBio’s commitment to innovation and growth in the biopharmaceutical industry.

A Vision for the Future

The expansion of the OcyonBio campus is a strategic move designed to meet the increasing demand for advanced biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities. These new facilities will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, enabling the company to enhance its production capacity, streamline operations, and support the development of next-generation therapies.

Economic and Employment Impact

The expansion project is expected to substantially impact the local economy, creating numerous job opportunities and driving economic growth in the region. OcyonBio plans to hire skilled professionals in various fields, including biotechnology, engineering, quality control, and administrative support. This influx of new jobs will not only benefit the local workforce but also contribute to Puerto Rico’s overall economic prosperity.

Advanced Facilities for Cutting-Edge Research

The eight new buildings will house advanced laboratories, manufacturing suites, and office spaces designed to foster collaboration and innovation. These facilities will be dedicated to various aspects of biopharmaceutical production, including cell and gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and other emerging technologies. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, the new campus will incorporate green building practices and energy-efficient systems to minimize its environmental footprint.

Part of the Team

Alignment of the names of the buildings can ensure they create a culture of belonging and synchrony with OcyonBio’s namesake. As such, our buildings are titled with respect to the bodies of water in the globe that provide life to many.

  • Building 1 – Caribbean Sea
  • Building 2 – Atlantic Ocyon
  • Building 3 – Gulf of Ocyon
  • Building 4 – Indian Ocyon
  • Building 5 – Southern Ocyon
  • Building 6 – Mediterranean Ocyon
  • Building 7 – Pacific Ocyon
  • Building 8 – Arctic Ocyon

The new campus represents the culmination of OcyonBio’s effort to be gritty and push forward towards our future for the betterment of Puerto Rico and the pharmaceutical industry.