Puerto Rico’s Robust Infrastructure and Collaborative Ecosystem: A Haven for Pharmaceutical Companies

The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is not only a tropical paradise but has also emerged as a thriving hub for numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals. Its robust infrastructure and collaborative ecosystem make Puerto Rico an attractive destination for pharmaceutical companies seeking a competitive edge. This article will explore why Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and collaborative ecosystem are significant advantages for pharmaceutical firms and how these benefits tie into the Act 60 tax law designed to incentivize businesses in Puerto Rico.

1. World-Class Infrastructure:
Puerto Rico boasts a robust infrastructure crucial for businesses operating in any industry. The island has a well-developed road and transportation network, enabling efficient logistics and distribution capabilities. This accessibility not only streamlines the supply chain for pharmaceutical companies but also facilitates quick exportation to mainland USA and Latin America, ensuring broader market access and faster delivery times.

2. Collaborative Ecosystem:
Collaboration is a crucial driver of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, and Puerto Rico provides a fertile ground for collaboration with renowned research institutions, universities, and other pharmaceutical companies. The island is home to various academic institutions with top-tier research programs, making it a talent pool for pharmaceutical companies seeking cutting-edge research and development capabilities.

Puerto Rico’s established pharmaceutical industry also fosters a collaborative ecosystem where local and international companies work together to accelerate innovation, share best practices, and collaborate on joint ventures. This collaborative spirit facilitates knowledge exchange, reduces research costs, and helps accelerate the development of new treatments and therapies.

3. Act 60 Tax Incentives:
Act 60 offers significant tax incentives to attract businesses, particularly in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Pharmaceutical companies are eligible for a 4% fixed income tax rate for their export services and a 0% tax rate on dividends, among other benefits. Such incentives not only enable cost savings but also encourage long-term investment and expansion in Puerto Rico.

The Act 60 tax law aligns with the island’s commitment to nurturing the pharmaceutical industry by providing a stable, business-friendly environment. These tax advantages and Puerto Rico’s already favorable tax structure contribute to a highly competitive cost structure for pharmaceutical companies seeking to establish or expand their presence on the island.


Puerto Rico’s robust infrastructure, collaborative ecosystem, and the Act 60 tax law make the island an ideal destination for pharmaceutical companies. Its solid infrastructure supports efficient logistics and connectivity, while its collaborative ecosystem fosters innovation and knowledge exchange. The Act 60 tax incentives further reinforce Puerto Rico’s appeal, offering pharmaceutical businesses cost savings and long-term growth opportunities.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, Puerto Rico’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure, fostering collaborative relationships, and providing attractive tax incentives positions the island as a strategic location for pharmaceutical companies seeking to optimize their operations and drive future growth.