OcyonBio to hold its ‘Gene & Cell Therapy’ webinar June 16

OcyonBio, a firm that researches and develops cell and genetic treatments, will host the Gene & Cell Therapy Webinar event on June 16 from 4 pm at the Sheraton Convention Center in person and virtually, and free of charge.

Source: News Is My Business https://newsismybusiness.com/ocyonbio-to-hold-its-gene-cell-therapy-webinar-june-16

The event is dedicated to professionals with expertise in the areas of science, engineering, biotechnology, biosimilar production and maintenance who want to better understand their offer and function on the island.
OcyonBio is investing $158 million in its plant currently under construction in Aguadilla and once opened, it will become the sixth cell and gene therapy headquarters in the world for research and development of treatments and cures for different types of cancer, the central nervous system, and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

CEO Robert Salcedo said the business model is hybrid since OcyonBio can offer its clients laboratory facilities, including its execution of complete research and development using its own human resources, or operate as a tenant of its laboratories equipped with the highest biotechnology, storage of biological products, sterile rooms and meeting and office spaces.

One of the tenant companies is BioSimilar Solutions which will develop a biosimilar version of the Neupogen drug dedicated to stimulating the growth of white blood cells in cancer patients.

The first phase of OcyonBio will open in the fall of this year with 150,000 square feet and in 2023 OcyonBio will invest an additional $70 million dedicated to the construction of a second building that will increase its footprint to 290,000 square feet.

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